Preventative Maintenance


Planned Maintenance – a damaged roller, hinge, or track can cause your door to jam. Having these door parts in top shape will ensure less of the costly repairs or even door replacement. Door safety and appearance will also be enhanced. Proper service allows for smoother operation and will reduce wear.

Use a professional – a properly serviced door will become safer. Incorrect adjustments can lead to expensive repairs of dangerous doors. Our trained field workers use the proper tools, techniques and factory parts.

This is a document prepared by Hanover Doors that allows you to specify some of the details of an agreement that ensures the regular maintenance and service for your commercial and residential doors. Price of the total cost of each visit is pre-determined together with you before the contract is completed. We also use these contracts to track your door’s service and maintenance costs as well as what parts have been replaced in the past. We will actually be able to track your door’s performance for you and recommend when service may not be cost efficient anymore.

Preventative Maintenance Includes:
1) Lubricate torsion springs, (if torsion spring door), rollers, hinges, bearings and all moving parts on electric operators.
2) Check rollers, hinges, cables, door panels and weatherseal for wear or damage. (replace if necessary)
3) Check for mis-alignment of tracks and door. (straighten if necessary)
4) Inspect all fasteners for tightness.
5) Test door for weight balance and smooth operation.
6) Supply written report and recommendations at time of maintenance.(file reports for reference)

NOTE:WEIGHT COUNTER BALANCED DOORS, pre 1996, or doors incorporating any wood framing, may require periodic re-balancing especially in poorly ventilated, high humidity applications. Re-balancing would be done only when required. Parts and materials are not included in the contract. If expensive parts are required, authorization must be obtained from owner or authorized personnel.

Our regular hours are Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM. For regular hours or emergency after hours service call either 1 204 326 3667 or 1 800 667 3667.

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