The SilencioTM operator is a low headroom apartment type garage door operator designed for use on industrial standard lift sectional doors with high cycling daily frequency requirements.

The operator incorporates a drum-shoe type solenoid brake, low vibration braking system, as well as other integrated enhancement features which reduce noise emissions by a magnitude of 4*.

The operator is available with the new Electronic Control Board (BOARD 070) with or without the option of electrical control for MONITORED external entrapment protection devices (UL325-2010 compliant).

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• Motor:
60Hz high starting torque, continuous-duty, single phase capacitor start or 3 phase motor, totally enclosed (TEFC or TENV), resilient mounting, protected against overload. Also available with 50Hz motor 220V 1 phase and 380V 3 phase motor, consult inside sales.

• Reduction:
First step in reduction 4L/Ax section cogged V-belt drive, additional step by #41 chain and sprockets. Input shaft is 5/8″, supported by cast iron flanged pillow block bearings. Output shaft is 1″ with 1/4″ keyway, supported by cast iron flanged pillow block bearings. Output shaft speed: 92 rpm for a door travel of 9″/s.

• Drive and Trolley Assembly:
#41 full roller chain drive. Dual, 12 gauge, pre-drilled galvanized tracks provided for doors up to 12Ft in height standard. 3/4″ sleeved steel shaft track spacers. Trolley made of cast aluminum alloy with chain tension adjustment device.

• Clutch:
Friction type, positioned on input shaft, easily adjustable from outside.

• Brake:
Electrically activated insulated drum-shoe type solenoid brake. Low vibration braking system provides positional stability and noise reduction. Also available without solenoid brake, consult the SilencioTM  OTH-A.06 model.

• Manual Operation:
Quick release disconnect arm for manual push-up operation.

• Electrical Enclosure:
All electrical components are in a Nema 1 enclosure. Hinged electrical enclosure cover.

• Limit System:
Rotary-type oil-impregnated steel cams, commercial grade switches. Limit shaft is supported by self-lubricating bronze bushings for increased precision. Remains in time when there is a manual operation or after the motor has been removed.

• Accu-cam® Feature:
Precise and quick one-handed adjustment of the limits.

• Corrosion Protection:
Frame and control enclosure protected by baked on, long lasting enamel finish. All shafts protected by yellow chromate coating.

• Mounting (Low Headroom and Low Noise Design):
Ceiling-mounted with only 7.360″ headroom clearance required below the tracks. Anti-vibration mount design.

• Dimensions:
Maximum Door Height: 12′ (3658 mm)
Back Room: door height + 4’5″ (1350 mm)
Head Room For Tracks : 5.625″ (143 mm) above the highest point of door travel


3 Years, per section 6 of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.