A┬áPolycarbonate Door is not your typical overhead door…

The Strongest Overhead Door

While it operates in much the same way as other overhead doors, the design and functionality separates itself from the rest. Constructed out of light weight aluminum and Polycarbonate, a polycarbonate door can withstand aproximately 200 times the impact of a glass door while maintaining only 1/8 the weight.

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We are proud to offer our customers customizable door packages designed specifically for your application.

Whether you own a car wash, lube center, car dealership, or warehouse, we will design a door package to meet your needs. Standard Steel Springs, Galvanized Tracks and Hardware for dry environments or customize your door for wet applications with an optional autophoretic dip for the spring, plating, stainless steel, and plastic components.

Stainless Steel

  • Hinges & Brackets
  • Standard & Highlift Track
  • 1″ Solid Stainless Steel Shaft


  • Weighing just one-eighth the weight of glass, polycarbonate panels do not need the extensive structural support that a heavier glass wall or glazing material requires.