Very rigid, energy saving and long-lasting door system. High strength to weight ratio. Qualifies for a range of applications.

Produced on a continuous polyurethane production line utilizing the latest in rigid foam technology.

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Rolltite Hardware Options 50mm & 75mm (2″& 3″)

  • Pusher springs: Recommended on all standard lift doors with manual chain hoist or jackshaft type electric operators.
  • Bumper leaf springs: Recommended for high lift and vertical lift applications.
  • Across the door bar latch: Complete with night lock with an outside cylinder and handle (recommended for manually operated doors only.
  • Across-the-door bar latch inside only: Complete with night lock and interior handle. An electric interlock is required on electrically operated doors.
  • Double end roller brackets and long stem rollers: Standard on doors wider than 4930mm (16′-2″).
  • Reduced drive chain hoist: 3:1 sprocket and chain reduction. (Recommended on doors over 13.4 sq m. (144 sq. ft.).
  • Double radius low headroom track: Clearance 125mm (5″) minimum for 50mm (2″) hardware and 190mm (7 1/2″) for 75mm (3″) hardware.
  • Follow the roof pitch: Install track to follow roof pitch for standard lift and high lift.
  • High cycle torsion assemblies: 25,000 [50,000] [75,000] [100,000] cycle torsion assemblies complete with 25mm (1″) or 32mm (1 1/4″) CRS solid shaft with full keyway shaft mounted in self-aligning flanged bearings and cables of 4.8mm (3/16″) minimum, flexible galvanized aircraft type, 7 x 19 construction.
  • Track guards: 4.8mm (3/16″) minimum primed steel x1520mm (60″) high.
  • Electro-mechanical reversing safety bar: For full width of bottom section. (Recommended for all electrically operated doors).
  • Pull chain c/w Spring: For manually operated doors only.
  • Aluminum/Vinyl weatherstrip: For jamb and header.

Hardware Specifications for Insustry Standard 50mm (2″) Track

  • Finish: All door face hardware, tracks and track mounting hardware and torsion assembly mounting brackets to have a zinc coating of 380g./sq.m. (1.25 oz/sq.ft.) – ASTM A525 – 9 lb.
  • Track: 2.0mm (14ga) commercial galvanized track, formed track 54mm (2 1/8″) overall outside dimension. Vertical tracks sloped for weather tight closing; curves 305mm (12″) or 400mm (16″) radius, selection dependant on available headroom.
  • Track Brackets: 2.0mm (14ga) thick commercially galvanized steel, rib reinforced.
  • Continuous Track Angle (optional at additional cost):  Continuous track angle bolted adjustable type, fabricated from 2.0mm (14ga) commercially galvanized steel for full height of opening, adjustable to ensure weathertight seal. Continuous angle to provide continuous track support for full opening height.
  • Track Hangers: Min. 32 x 32mm (1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″) x 2.0mm (14ga) thick commercially-galvanized perforated steel angles.
  • Rollers: Steel rollers 46mm (1 13/16″) diameter with ten 6mm (1/4″) diameter ball bearings, 11mm (7/16″) diameter roller axles and inner and outer ball races of hardened steel.
  • Roller Brackets: Fabricated from 2.4mm (14ga) thick commercially galvanized steel.
  • Counter Balance: Helically wound torsion springs, manufactured from oil tempered spring wire, stress relieved, minimum 10,000 cycles. Aluminum diecast grooved drums and flexible, galvanized aircraft cables, 7×19 construction, mounted on 25mm (1″) tubular steel, 2.0mm (14ga) min OR 25mm (1″) CRS solid shaft keyed full length and mounted on ball bearings.
  • Locking: Interior slide bolt type.

For doors using Torsion Spring lift mechanisms)

To ensure safe operation of your Richard-Wilcox sectional overhead door and hardware, periodic maintenance is required. The following procedures should be followed at least every six months (more often in the case of doors experiencing heavy use).

  • Inspect lifting cables, relieve tension on springs before inspecting the lifting cables. (Hanover Doors Systems Inc. recommends that only experienced installers wind and unwind springs. Inexperience can result in serious injuries and death!). Check the cable through the entire length and ensure that the cable is properly secured at the drum and at the bottom roller bracket. If the cables have become snagged, bent, or tangled, they should be replaced. The cables could appear to be in good condition, however, internal damage may have been done and fracture of the cable could follow. Use extreme care when working with the cables.
  • All bearings and rollers throughout the door and headshaft assembly should be cleaned and lubricated. Contact Hanover Doors Systems Inc. for a proper sectional door lubricant.
  • All of the roller brackets, intermediate hinges, and the struts should be checked for security. Tighten any loose fasteners and replace any hinges or roller brackets, which are fractured in any way
  • Check all the rollers and if any appear wobbly they should be replaced
  • Check the fasteners of the vertical tracks and the horizontal track hangers and tighten any loose fasteners
  • Examine and oil the torsion springs.

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