Daybar offers Special Purpose Doors to suit a wide variety of applications – sports arenas, daycares, institutions, warehouses, office buildings, and more.

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Product Description

Double Egress Doors: Composed of two single-acting doors that swing in opposite directions, for two-way traffic. They can also be double acting; both doors can swing both ways.

Dutch Doors: Used commercially for both interior and exterior openings. Common applications include pharmacy counters, post office counters, parts supply rooms, nurseries and daycares.

Access Doors: For walls, attics or crawl spaces, and smoke shafts; fire rating available.

Monorail Doors: Custom opening for overhead track system.

Rabbetted (Rebate Edge) Doors:Overlapping door edge(s) provides noise suppression and protection from moisture and dust. For transportable buildings with high exposure to harsh environments.

  • Steel stiffened doors (reinforced core)
  • Double egress doors
  • Double acting doors (bullnose edge)
  • Thermally broken seam-filled doors
  • Dutch doors (optional shelf)
  • Access / smoke shaft doors
  • Monorail doors
  • Rabbetted doors
  • Temperature rise core option (stairwells)
  • Fire labelled doors (subject to limitations)
  • Glazing options (single / double / multiple lite, sealed units)