Fast, Safe and Wind Resistant for Rugged Applications

Albany Door Systems’ UltraTough M&I Re-Coil-Away, “The World’s Toughest High Speed Rubber Door”, provides dependable performance in the most rugged industrial applications. The heavy duty side frames, thick rubber curtain and patented windlok design form a near airtight seal and can resist extreme wind pressures.

The UltraTough M&I is designed to last. It is durable, safe, low cost to maintain and can take a hit.

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Springless Design: Low Maintenance

  • UltraTough comes standard without springs on sizes up to approximately 30’x30′. Competitive rubber doors often utilize a complicated combination of springs, sprockets, chains and reducers to help lift the door.
  • Not UltraTough! Instead UltraTough utilizes a direct drive motor and a frequency converter. The soft start and stop design eliminates shock and wear to the gear box. Our direct drive is simple yet strong.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced dramatically with UltraTough.

UltraStrong Curtain: Lifetime Warranty

  • Warranted for the life of the door, the thick two layer SBR and high tensile strength polyester fabric provides superb resiliency in harsh environments.

Continuous Windlok Design: Withstands High Windloads

  • The UltraTough Seals great. UltraTough’s patented windlok system is a ½” rubber extension that runs the full length of the door curtain. When the heavy duty front channel is closed, the windlok is secured tightly. No premature break-outs.
  • There is no better seal than with UltraTough. As pressure is put on the door area the door panel locks into place. The more pressure, the better the seal yet the door will still operate smoothly.

Heavy Duty Construction: Strong Steel Components

  • UltraTough uses high strength structural steel throughout the door. Our UltraTough’s optional self-supporting design eliminates stress on building walls and makes installation much simpler and quicker to perform.
  • When it comes to Beef, long life, and low cost of ownership think UltraTough.

ACS-50 Controller (Standard): Easy Operations

  • The ACS-50 is NEMA-4 rated and CUL listed. LED indicators make trouble shooting simple. Includes self testing and self monitoring safety features and a rotary disconnect on the enclosure cover.

TruckGuard Safety System (Optional): Prevents Injury

  • Albany doors offer more protective sensors than anyone in the industry. As a result, the risk of injury to people and damage to vehicles is reduced significantly.
  • One of the most common causes of injury or damage to vehicles is when a door comes down on a person and hits them in the head or face. This is often the result of photo eyes being improperly installed, or worse, not installed at all.
  • The TruckGuard Safety System offers a full curtain of protection up to approximately six feet high on both sides of the door. As a result, loads cannot go below or through the beams without being detected. Once an object is detected, the door automatically retracts.
  • No door is as safe as Albany.

UltraSmart™ Controller (Optional): Makes Troubleshooting Easy

  • In the event of a problem, Albany’s exclusive UltraSmart Controller diagnoses it and recommends a solution. If the door is impacted and breaks away, the Controller walks the operator through all the steps required to fix the door quickly and without hassle.

Wireless Safety System: Eliminate Coil Cord Problems

  • Albany’s new wireless safety system is revolutionary.
  • Most high speed doors in operation today use coil cords.  The problem with coil cords is they:
    • Get tangled up
    • Catch on other objects
    • Are susceptible to breakage
    • Are difficult and costly to repair
    • Tend to stretch and sail into the photo eyes causing false activation
  • Cut your cord with Albany’s Wireless Safety System and all of these common problems are eliminated.