The 8825 Commercial operator is designed for commercial application to vertical lift, high lift, standard lift, front mount low headroom, and rear mount low headroom commercial sectional overhead doors up to 350 sq ft with a weight limitation of 1600 lbs.

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  • It is available in a 3 Button series I and series II controller.
  • It’s unique tensioning wheel system affords more torque to the drive belt, thus allowing greater tensioning capability with less effort at the override lever by utilizing a combination of a tensioning wheel and a Bowden cable to engage the drive belt.
  • All units offer automatic reversing without a safety edge and associated coil cord or cord reel, timer to close and delay close programming, service due reminder and operations counter.
  • It also incorporates an accessory light terminal allowing the integration of a dock light or an interior light. The dock light may be programmed to remain on while the door is open and off when closed.
  • An interior light may be programmed to function on a 3 minute timer.
  • ZAP Radio controls may also be added as well as other manufacturers’ radios.
  • Three button controllers require an 871 radio interface module to interface other manufacturers’ radio receivers.
  • Almost any accessory may added to the unit directly or by means of an appropriate accessory card.
  • A ZAP model 8030 battery backup may also be added.